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Call us on 0800 0129 888 or  CONTACT US

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Mobile App Development

Whether you are looking to increase sales, improve retention, boost productivity, provide a public service or something completely different, we would be happy to start discussing the project with you and give you free advice on how best you could implement your ideas.

We are currently developing a number of exciting projects in eHealth, education and transport sectors providing functionality such as health monitoring, live traffic info, event booking and more.

Make regular tasks a breeze. Notify your users instantly. Build closer relationships with your users. Keep them informed. Modernize your processes. Connect to data and content in the cloud.

Web App Development

We’ve built responsive web applications for many different uses including live traffic updates, route planning, admin systems to manage app data, reporting and of course company websites. 

We’d be happy to offer free advice on how you could implement your idea as a web based application, just get in touch and give us a rough idea of what you are planning.

Often your mobile app will require a web based admin system to work with it. Here you would create content for the app, configure and view reports. We can create custom admin systems or integrate your app with an existing admin, CRM or CMS system such as salesforce or wordpress.

Everything taken care of

All part of the service is helping you refine your idea, providing expert advice, UX design, hosting your app data, integrating with your internal and third party systems and ongoing support.

We are using a specific combination of modern technologies that allow us to produce high quality applications for our clients at a very competitive price.

With an average of 10 years experience per designer/engineer on serious web and mobile applications you can be sure your app will be of the highest quality, secure, user friendly and as you wanted it!


Dr Matt Robb OBE

Robb Research Ltd

"The SUVO team have extensive experience in the design, development, delivery and support of Hybrid Apps capable of working across all mobile operating systems and devices.
They can address a very wide range of technological problems and so can deliver anything from a simple App through to a complex server supported Application using secure logins, secure data-exchange, speech, location services and notifications, all delivered in an easy to use package with a simple to use User Interface.
They honour their warranties and can provide good value through life support for all their products. SUVO are a pleasure to work with."

We can integrate with your first and third party software


And much


Get in touch

Let us know what you are thinking and we’ll be happy to give you free advice on how to get the most from your idea.

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